Our Mission

St. Mark’s is a community of believers – touched and empowered by the Holy Spirit, and grounded in scripture – who welcome others to join them in the journey of faith.

Worship, teaching and learning, sharing and witnessing are central to our faith and life, strengthening us for our work as people of God.

We foster and encourage programmes and goals that demonstrate our commitment to ministering to human needs and concerns through our congregation, our synod, and our national church.


Goals & Commitments

St. Mark’s strives to be:

  • An Open, Inclusive, Intergenerational Church
  • A Worshipping Church
  • A Church Committed to Teaching and Learning
  • A Church Committed to Caring Ministry
  • A Church Committed to Stewardship
  • A Church Committed to Communication
  • A Church of Diverse Services, Ministries, and Challenges

We are an Open, Inclusive, Intergenerational Church

We affirm the gospel of Jesus Christ as open, inclusive, and intergenerational.

We welcome to our worship, ministry, and life together people from every walk of life.

We are committed to openness and inclusivity across generations and cultures in our various ministries as we witness to and foster the new life that is in Christ Jesus.

We encourage the active participation of all members and friends in all aspects of our ministry and our life together-in worship, in social gatherings, in crises and celebrations, in joys and sorrows.

We are a Worshipping Church

We gather regularly for the praise of God, the supplication, the learning and the nourishing that strengthen us for our lives day to day, for our life together, and for our work as people of God.

We seek to provide worship opportunities that are accessible, with user-friendly worship materials and guidance in worship during the service, especially for visitors and newcomers.

We are committed to providing a user-friendly worship space for children, accepting of them as children and as worshippers with adults in weekly praise and thanksgiving to God.

We involve in worship leadership both clergy and laity in the ministry of music, as proclaimers of the gospel, as assistant ministers, as communion preparers and servers, as readers, ushers, greeters, and in other ways.

We are a Church Committed to Teaching and Learning

We seek to offer opportunities for Christian formation for all ages, in which we learn from the Bible, the traditions of Christianity and those of other faiths, from persons trained and experienced in those areas and in the ways of life, and from one another whether lay or clergy, young or old.

We are committed to supporting parents and others in nurturing the faith of the children in our hands–at home, in Sunday School, through Vacation Bible School, Confirmation instruction, camping experiences, youth gatherings, and other ways – by serving as confirmand sponsors, by sharing or providing transportation and child care, by sharing of faith and knowledge.

We are committed to learning-in preparation for and through service-in our various ministries of worship, witness, teaching, youth, and service.

We are committed to involving our young people in works of service that are of genuine assistance to others and in other learning experiences through which they may grow in knowledge and in faith.

We are a Church Committed to Caring Ministry

We are committed to ministry that reaches out to the weak and the strong, the comfortable and the afflicted, tile sick and the homebound, the lost and the lonely, the marginalized and outsiders, both young and the old.

We are committed to reaching out to and supporting those who lives touch ours, through a baptism, a wedding, a hospital visit, a weekday gathering, or other occasions.

We sponsor and foster works of service such as Stephen Ministry, Community Ministry, Shepherding Ministry,

Lay Communion Ministry, and the service agencies of our Synod and national church.

As part of caring ministry we provide space in our building for many community self-help and service groups. We care for our building as a space for worship, teaching, learning, ministry, life together, as a safe and secure shelter for both members and non-members Sundays and weekdays.

Both clergy and laity are committed to team ministry of clergy and lay, equipping and enabling one another for the work of caring ministry (Eph. 4.12).

We are committed to fostering leadership in all our members and friends, encouraging and guiding them to take on new responsibilities with the support of others and the help of God, expecting the unexpected and discovering that leaders emerge in unpredicted places.

We are a Church Committed to Stewardship

We are committed to lives that reflect the many gifts freely bestowed on us by a bounteous Creator, a merciful and loving Redeemer, and an empowering Spirit.

We seek to respect and restore God’s creation in all its wonder and beauty and its many and varied species.

As we have been shown mercy and love, without our deserving, so we seek to show love and mercy to others.

As the Spirit empowers us, we use our gifts for the care of the earth, for reaching out to those in need in body, mind, and spirit, and for new and creative ways to enable and empower others.

We are committed to regular offerings in support of ministry and mission in and through this congregation and the wider church, each in proportion to his or her financial resources.

We are committed to regular visitations of members, for mutual encouragement in the faith and in support of the ministry and mission we share.

We are a Church Committed to Communication

We are committed to keeping one another informed of actions taken by Church Council, by Committees, and by other groups so that we as a congregation move toward common goals and make responsible, informed decisions.

We are committed to use of written communications: the weekly church bulletin, our congregational newsletter ReMarksminutes of meetings, posters, neighbourhood flyers, letters of welcome and brochures introducing St. Mark’s and its worship to visitors and newcomers, brochures announcing education opportunities such as Sunday Church School, Vacation Bible School, and Adult Education.

We are committed to oral communications, during announcement time in our worship services, in meetings, and one-on-one.

We are committed to opening and keeping open lines of communication and exchange between St. Mark’s and other Christian congregations and ministries locally, nationally, and globally.

We are a Church of Diverse Services, Ministries, and Challenges

We join with one another, and invite others to join with us, in worship, in teaching and learning, in participating in the various ways in which we seek to carry out a mission and ministry that gives meaning and purpose to the way we live our lives at home, at work and school, and in society at large.

Adopted by the Congregation, April 22, 2001

Worship Times

Sundays: 9:00 am at Trillium Lutheran Church, located at 22 Willow Street, Waterloo Join us for coffee after the service!

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