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What is BLAST?  B.L.A.ST. (Bible Learning Adventure Stations) is a free Bible-based learning program where children learn the basics of the Christian faith in a fun and highly-engaging environment.

How does it work?  St. Marks has transformed their classrooms into exciting, multi-sensory adventure stations that allow children to experience the Bible story through art, drama, games, cooking, and audiovisual presentations.
Children rotate through these stations while exploring the same story or theme for 3 to 5 weeks. Instead of just reading the story, children experience the story with all their senses.

Why does it work?  Children love BLAST because they are actively involved in their learning. They thrive in the dynamic and creative environment plus the built-in repetition of the story helps them learn more than ever!

Why is this important for my child?  Research tells us that children’s most significant moral & faith development happens before age nine.  At St. Marks, we teach our children the stories of the Bible in order for them to have tools to grow toward a more mature Christian faith.  We believe it is through these stories that we learn of humanity’s struggle to know God and how God wants us to live.

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BLAST is a free program available to children ages 3 to grade 6.

BLAST runs from 9 – 10 am every Sunday morning from September to May.

For more information, contact our church office.


BLAST Stations …

Noah’s Art – A vibrant art workshop complete with a 3-D rainbow and pot of gold.

The Oasis – Come experience a story in our 10-foot tall indoor tent surrounded by palm trees.

Garden of Eatin’ – Delicious treats and yummy eats are created in our exotic Cooking Workshop.

Disciples’ Den – Test your skills in this high-paced Games & Bible Trivia workshop.

The Skylab – Explore Bible stories online in our starry computer lab.


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Sundays: 9:00 am at Trillium Lutheran Church, located at 22 Willow Street, Waterloo Join us for coffee after the service!

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